Congratulations on the milestone, Miggy!


He didn’t touch Adrián Beltré’s head, he jumped right over him.

With hit No. 3,167, Miggy passes Beltré for 16th on the all-time list.

— MLB (@MLB) September 20, 2023

Solano achieves a personal best with 4 hits as the Twins stage a comeback, defeating the struggling Rangers 9-7 in 10 innings


In the 10th inning, Carlos Correa and Max Kepler delivered RBI singles. Minnesota's leadoff batter, Donovan Solano, equaled his personal record with four hits and showcased exceptional defensive skills. This came a day after he was too unwell to participate. Despite not being at full strength, the 35-year-old Solano, who had been under the weather, demonstrated remarkable determination and contributed to the victory. Manager Rocco Baldelli commented, "Yesterday, he was as sick as a dog... but he came in today, mentioned he was feeling better. He wasn't completely recovered, but there was definite improvement, and he arrived with a readiness to compete."

Bochy on Lineup Power


"This is a good lineup, and it's going to score some runs. I don't know who would have scored runs tonight. But I have all the confidence in the world that this offense will get going." -Bruce Bochy

AI Sports Predictions

Thursday 8/19 OT


When this OT expires, you'll be two weeks closer to whatever you've been excitedly waiting for--like the Kraken, or Ozark season four, or the next OT! You'll also be two weeks closer to conquering whatever task you've been dreading--like the Kraken, or Ozark season four, or the next OT! Inspiring. Please don't talk about baseball, unless you want to, but strongly consider doing it anywhere else, especially if it's about the Seattle Mariners. Please don't talk about politics or religion either, even if you want to (especially if you want to). Please DO talk about anything else--like the Kraken, or Ozark season four, or the next OT!

Beltre is Love. Beltre is Life.


Thanks, Adrian!

Joey Gallo taking his first swings at Globe Life Field


Ahead of the announcements of the new dimensions and uniforms for the 2020 season, the Rangers let their hitters take cuts at the new park including Joey Gallo threatening the structural integrity of the right field stands.

Rougned Odor is sweating out Old Spice NFL takeover


Old Spice is coming for Montez Sweat in the NFL which has Rougned Odor sweating about the day that Old Spice becomes the official perspiration sponsor of Major League Baseball.