Cole Hamels is Destined for the Hall of Fame


Judging by the numbers, Hollywood Hamels should be well worthy of the Hall when he retires...

Ian Desmond honors Shawn Tolleson's dad during All-Star Game


During the 6th inning of the All-Star Game, MLB held a moment for survivors of cancer and Ian Desmond honored Mark Tolleson, his teammate Shawn Tolleson's father. Ian Desmond is purported to be a world class teammate and this is the kind of thing that makes you believe it.

The perfect 2016 Texas Rangers gif?


1. Father’s Day base with the date 2. Barnette’s funky delivery 3. Mazara catching it cleanly on a hop 4. Mazara with the cannon throw 5. Carpenter running his ass off, barely rounding first 6. Carpenter oversliding the base 7. Roogie applying the tag 8 Umpire makes the double swipe motion – he’s out! 9. Carpenter lies on the ground face down motionless 10. Roogie casually tosses the ball to Elvis 11. Carpenter looks up and complains to the umpire 12. Mazara in shades – DEAL WITH IT.

Top MMA Trainer Breaks Down Odor/Bautista Scrum


Firas Zahabi runs the Tristar Gym in Montreal and has trained UFC fighters such as Georges St. Pierre and Rory Macdonald. He creates all kind of wonderful content and posts it to his gym's YT channel. Check it out.

That time Odor punched Bautista and it ended up on The Simpsons


The Simpson had a live segment tonight and they proved they were live by cracking a joke about Rougned Odor cracking Jose Bautista's face.

Dear Chuck Morgan, the new lights over new score board are terrible.


It lights up right field corner box like I'm being pulled over for a speeding ticket.


This is cool! Live stream of The Ballpark for Opening Day


The Rangers have set up a live stream from center field for Opening Day from inside The Ballpark. Obviously, it probably won't be available during the game, but you can pretend you're there for the festivities!