Adrian Beltre needs your help - Vote for Beltre!


In the Face of MLB contest, Rangers' face Adrian Beltre is going up against Mike Trout. Even though Beltre is a future Hall of Famer and all-time great, this is a David vs. Goliath scenario because Trout is being touted as MLB's next Jeter. Beltre needs all the help we can give him. So hop on Twitter and vote for Beltre already.

Is MLB trying to cut into precious Chuck Morgan entertainment time?


In the never-ending (ha) battle to shorten the time it takes to play a game of baseball, MLB is trying to come up with ways to make the sport more palatable to the time deprived. They've even gone so far as testing out something as ghastly as a pitch clock. With that in mind, as ESPN'S Jayson Stark reports, MLB is proposing the institution of rules to shorten the breaks between innings. MLB figures they can trim 10-15 minutes off the game time if they have everyone ready to play ball once they return from commercial break. Of course, that would mean that Chuck Morgan would have have less time to entertain you at The Ballpark. You can't please all of the people all of the time.

Jurickson Profar to begin throwing after long rehab


Wednesday will mark a milestone on Jurickson Profar's journey from former top prospect to renewed Rangers relevancy. After nearly an entire year of rehabbing his shoulder from multiple teres major muscle tears, Profar will finally begin a throwing program this week. With any luck, this will be the first step toward Profar regaining his place in the Rangers' future plans. Please pray for Profar.

Today is skipper Jeff Banister's birthday


The Rangers surprised new manager Jeff Banister with a birthday cake at the Rangers' Winter Caravan stop in Round Rock, TX today. A January birthday isn't as advantageous for Banny as the late April birthday Ron Washington enjoyed, perhaps. The story goes Wash's job was saved in 2007 because the Rangers didn't want to fire him on his birthday and then the Rangers went on a winning streak.



The one where everybody wants Pogba

When Anaheim is ashes, then the Angels have Elvis' permission to die


The Rangers are training for the upcoming season and Elvis Andrus has taken to Twitter for updates. Here's an update of him and teammates wearing elevation masks to obviously intimidate the rest of the American League West.

Mike Maddux on what Yu Darvish needs to do to be a Top 5 pitcher


Here's some video of a Fox Sports Southwest roundtable discussion featuring Rangers pitching coach Mike Maddux. Maddux is asked about Yu Darvish and how he can ascend the ranks as a top five starter in baseball which implies that he isn't already.

SOS MiL Draft thread



Mind Games: Cody Buckel tries to work his way back


Dealing with failure is never easy, and for Cody Buckel, it cost him his status as one of the Rangers' top pitching prospects. Now, as Alexis Brudnicki of Baseball America writes, Buckel feels he's exorcised his mental demons and looks to get back on the map.

In case you missed it: Profar gets good news on shoulder


Evan Grant writes over at the Dallas Morning News that Jurickson Profar received positive news on the most recent MRI on his shoulder. The Rangers think Profar's shoulder is at about 95% recovered and he should be able to begin a throwing program at the beginning of Spring Training at full health if he doesn't have any further setbacks. Maybe Profar has been hanging out with new Rangers prospect Rock Shoulders.