Joey Gallo has adopted a joey


They call him Joey Gallo and now Texas Rangers outfielder Joey Gallo is the proud adopter of a real live joey kangaroo of his own. If you're feeling like you're having a bit of déjà vu, it's because this also happened two days ago when Ronald "The Condor" Guzman adopted a condor. I don't know what will happen next but maybe Rougned Odor will bring a Wicks 'n' Sticks franchise to the Parks Mall at Arlington or Elvis Andrus will buy Graceland.

Ronald Guzman has adopted a condor


They call him The Condor and now Texas Rangers first baseman Ronald Guzman is the proud adopter of a real live condor of his own.

Fans Scouting Report 2018


Now hosted at Fangraphs. I hope you guys pitch in like you always have, and evaluate your team: Registration required, but free.

Farmer Beltre and his chicks for rookie dress up


In the words of Matt Hicks: Old MacBeltre had a farm Izzy, Guzi, Yo

Bartolo Colon teams with Kingsford Charcoal for saucy commercial


If you, like Delino DeShields, have ever wondered how Bartolo Colon has been able to stay in baseball for over 20 years, Colon lets us in on his secret method thanks to Kingsford Charcoal.

Pudge's Pizza is coming to Texas Live!


Texas Rangers legend Pudge Rodriguez will be slingin' pies as his next venture. When Texas Live! opens up later this summer next to the future home of the Texas Rangers, you can stop in and enjoy a slice of za assuredly made with love by the Hall of Famer.

Adrian Beltre becomes MLB's all-time foreign-born hits leader!


Adrian Beltre is the new MLB leader in hits by a foreign-born player after a double in tonight's game. Almost fittingly, the record-breaking hit came at Dodger Stadium where Beltre began his career. It feels like every week Beltre breaks a new record but this one is pretty special as Beltre now sits alone among players not born on American soil with 3,090 hits.

Birthday boy Bartolo Colon turns 45 years old today


Bartolo Colon turned the sexy age of 45 years old today. Happy birthday, Bart!

Adrian Beltre becomes all-time Latin-born hits leader


The legend of Adrian Beltre grows as he surpassed Rod Carew today to become the all-time leader in hits by a player born in Latin America.